Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Life is full of hard decisions and hard choices. So many choices are either all or none/either or, with no options for compromise. A choice with a win or lose, no in-between. Yet some decisions do have room for a compromise, so there is no total loss that occurs. I have recently had to make one of these hard decisions that affects me and my art quilting.

When I started this adventure in art quilting I wanted to donate all funds earned with my art to non-profits. I was raised to give back to my community and those in need whomever and wherever they may be. So when I took up art quilting I decided if I was able to sell my work I wanted to give 100% of the money to non-profits and spread it around to different organizations. I have been able to do that with a couple of my quilts and it made me so happy.

When I retired my income was definitely affected. Now I see how much I spend on fabric, thread and tools so donating 100% of sales isn’t really working for me anymore. This decision to change to a different donation structure has been very difficult for me. Luckily there is a compromise. For the time being I will donate 25% of the price of a quilt to a no-profit. A buyer will be able to choose from two methods of payment: one, is to make out two checks, the first to the non profit of my choice for 25% of the price and the other check to me for the remaining 75%. In this way the buyer gets credit for the donation and the tax write off. The second method is to make the whole check out to me, knowing, trusting, that I donate the 25%.

I am hoping in the future that I will be able to increase my donation percentage once I have offset all the expenses I am accruing. I still plan to donate some quilts to non-profits that are doing art auctions to raise funds.

To all of you that have been following me since I started seriously Art Quilting I appreciate you understanding my having to change this.

Change is never easy but usually necessary.

A quilt top I did for the Social Justice Sewing Academy, honoring this young man who died by police violence.

Me, giving back by working at the Colorado Center for the Blind with the students in their Legacy Garden. The produce goes to their kitchen and to the Graceful cafe, a pay what you can afford eatery.

How many of you remember this song about giving back? Enjoy a moment of nostalgia here:

Published by JoAnne Harris Hoffman

Artist, currently working in fabric, thread and paint, making art quilts.

4 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

  1. Good for you for accepting that it can’t always be an all or nothing situation. The materials are very costly, not even taking into account your time. I think your compromise makes sense.
    Whoever receives or purchased your gorgeous quilts is very fortunate indeed


  2. Thank you for taking the time to share the financial considerations of your journey. Your explanation is stated with grace and accountability. You are creative, thoughtful and appreciated by all of us that are graced by your talent.


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