Another piece that is the result of a mono printing workshop I took. I don’t know why, but the petal shape can be a reoccurring motif in my work.

24″ x 16″ mono printing over commercial cottons, cotton threads

2022 SOLD 25% donated to Planned Parenthood

Play Me Some Blues

I created this piece to answer a call for entry into Transformations, an exhibit by another art quilting group I belong to, Front Range Contemporary Quilters. It is made almost completely out of old blue jeans and blue jean hardware on the guitar. The white t-shirt is an old t-shirt of my husband’s. The names stitched on the right side are of famous blues guitarists.

16″ x 24″ cotton denim, tencel denim, jersey knit cotton, blue jean buttons, belt loops, rivets, and zipper. June 2022 $300.00 25% of price goes to a non profit of my choice. detail photo below

Fantasy Flower

After the mono printing workshop I had lots of scraps left so I used them to create this mini quilt for donation to another SAQA auction this coming fall. I hope it raises a good amount for this wonderful art organization!

12″ x 12″ Cotton fabrics, cotton threads and acrylic paints.

donated sold at the SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Association) auction


In April I took a 5 day workshop on mono printing fabric and loved it. The background of this piece is made from commercial fabrics that I printed on with acrylic paints, cut up, and then fused into a grip pattern. Then to contradict the grid a fused dark purple fabric in a circular pattern and also quilted in a circular pattern.

21.5″ x 16.5″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads, acrylic paints

April 2022 $ 225.00 25% of the sale goes to the non profit of my choice.

Nestled in the Rocks

This mini quilt was done for the SAQA Spotlight Auction at their annual convention. I drew the baby sea lion from a photo I took in the Galapagos this past January. The colors of her coat and details are done with ink tense pencils, and so is the sky. The rocks are cut and shaped out of fabric. Mother sea lions go off hunting for food and the babies stay put!

6″ x 8″ cotton fabrics and cotton threads, ink tense pencils

March 2022 I am happy to report that this little piece sold for $325.00! I am so happy to donate to an organization that does so much for me!

Goodness, Gracious, Great

I did this piece just because I had to! I had done some drawings in Procreate on my iPad and one of them (below) kept speaking to me. Does it speak to you? Do you get the title? This was a very fun piece to do!

24″ x 28″ all cotton fabrics and cotton threads March 2022 $250.00 25% of the price will to to the non profit of my choice.

February 2022


This portrait was done as a gift for a special lady that gifted one of her works to me. Wally is her dear companion and I couldn’t think of a better way to thank Peggy for her gift to me. I had a lot of fun creating him out of white on white print fabrics. His nose, eyes and tongue are hand painted.


February 2022


This is a mini quilt I did for a postcard exchange in a quilt group of which I am a member. It’s a very simple little quilt and I had to make 5 of them. They were sent to other members, and in return I received the post card quilts they made.

6″ x 8″ all cotton fabrics and cotton threads


The Gift of the Three Sisters

I designed this piece myself, doing the drawing in colored pencils first.

23.5″ x 21.5″ 80% my own hand dyed cottons, other cottons painted with DynaFlow fabric paints, cotton threads.

November 2021 $250.00 25% will be donated to non profit of my choice.

Below are detail photos.


I did this quilt with the intention to donate it to the silent auction for Ray’s House of Hope, a shelter for elderly pets in Florida. I am so happy to say that it sold for $350.00!

14″ x 16″ all cotton fabrics and threads, shading done with textile paints. 2021


(Papa’s Girl Keyshia Whitepaw Hooligan Princess)

This was a commission piece. There’s lots of thread painting, which is putting details and shading in with lots of thread work. I wanted to give the impression of fur, since her’s is very tweedy. I really enjoyed making this portrait.

15″ x13″ All cotton fabrics and threads. Textile paints added for shading. 2021

The Look of Love

I was asked by my daughter to do a portrait of this pitbull Sadie, that recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Her owner, a friend of my daughter’s was devastated. I loved doing this piece and I am so happy it brought some happiness to Sadie’s “Mom”. I am a dog lover too.

2021 cotton fabrics, cotton threads, textile paints.

This piece is with Sadie’s “Mom”

Tou can play

This is a piece I did to donate to the SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) fall fund raiser. I was just enamored with Toucans so I wanted to do a quilt of one.

9/24/21 I’m so happy, this little quilt sold today on the SAQA benefit auction site. All funds go to SAQA to help with all their programs.

2021 12″ x 12″ cotton fabrics and cotton threads

The Spark

You might think this is a representation of a flower, but it’s a totally abstract design I did. I very much wanted to portray movement, or flow. I also tried some different free motion quilting patterns that I had not done before. I also wanted to work in a complementary color scheme, which is the yellow and purple.

2021 25″ x 25″ cotton fabrics and cotton threads


This is the portrait I did of one of my dogs. Mickey has been with us since 2007. He’s an old man now, mostly deaf but in pretty good health. I love him dearly.

2021 16″ x 12″ all cotton and cotton threads

hanging in my house along with Morgan’s portrait

Norman C. Francis

I did this portrait for my daughter in law’s mother as a gift, after Norman passed away. Norman was my
DIL’s grandfather and a true gentleman.

2021 12″x 9″ Gifted

all cotton fabrics and cotton threads

Can You Hear Me Now

Pattern credit: Phyllis Cullen

I did this piece for a class on scrappy quilts. It’s a great way to use little bits of left over fabric from other projects. I look forward to doing other animals in this technique.

2021 24″ x 18.5″

donated to ARTMA and sold

Mostly cotton fabrics, cotton thread and nylon tulle

They Came Before

This quilt was gifted to Vice President Harris when she visited Denver on 3/16/21.

I did this portrait of Kamala Harris after I took a class in fabric portraiture. I loved this photo of her. I struggled for awhile on what to do for a background but then I came up with this. The names and sketches are all stitched on, her face was done separately, then stitch onto the background. I am very happy with it!


17.5 x 12.5

cotton fabrics, cotton threads, textile paints


This is a mini quilt, only 6″ x 8″, that I did for the Spotlight

auction for SAQA. They stipulated the size it had to be.


donated to SAQA

Mini Heart

A more modern miniquilt for a gift for a friend.


10″ x 12″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads

Gold Finch Feast

Another beautiful photo that begged to be turned into a quilt. I had a lot of fun painting in all the shadows on this one.


30″ x 23″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads, textile paints

donated to ARTMA and sold

photo credit: Kathy Diamontopoulos

Mini Monarch

This is a mini quilt 10″ x 12″ that I did for a friend’s birthday. I loved trying to get all the markings as real as possible.


cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament, textile paints


High Country Gold

Autumn in the high country here in Colorado is so beautiful. So I had to turn this photo I took into a quilt.


25″ x 29″ cotton fabric, cotton threads, monofilament, textile paints

Garden of the Gods

This was a commission piece that was done for a gift. The recipient lives in Colorado Springs, home to this beautiful state park.


cotton fabric, cotton thread, monofilament, inktense pencils.

sold $250.00 donated to Morgan Adams Foundation

I Touch the Earth

This piece was done for a SAQA (Studio Art Quilters Association) juried exhibit. The theme was outdoor art. I did this as a garden flag and it is waterproofed for the outdoors. It is two sided and the other side is posted below.


60″ x 52″ x28″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament

I Touch the Earth

This is the other side of the above piece.

inktense pencils used to shade the hands

My Morgan

This is one of my dogs that we lost to cancer in 2019. I loved this photo of him and it translated beautifully into a collage quilt.

2020 14.5″ x 12.5″

cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament

on my wall!


I did this piece for a class to practice painting with textile paints on fabric.


cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament, textile paints

pattern credit: Roxane Lessa


Sea Scene

Miniquilt 10″ x 11″ done for a friend’s birthday.


cotton fabrics, cotton threads and textile paints



I loved this photo of an eagle and I had to turn it into a quilt. Of course I believe it is a female eagle!


cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament textile paints and inktense pencils

photo credit: Tammy Kokjohn

sold $200.00 donated to Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary

Ode to Columbine

Our Colorado state flower is my favorite, and I particularly love it growing in the wild. We hike every July to a special valley full of them.

21.5″ x 18″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads and monofilament


Maroon Bells

This is one of my first pieces from a photo that I took.

28″ x 21.5″ cotton fabrics, cotton threads, monofilament inktense pencils

2020 SOLD 25% donated to Hope For Paws

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